Youth Show

**** The Western Youth Horse Show scheduled for Friday Sept 16th, 2016 has been cancelled due to weather. ****

Jesse James Festival & Clay County 4-H present Western Youth Fun Show

** Open to ALL YOUTH ** NO 4-H membership necessary **

Friday Sept 16th, 2016

Start time: 6:30pm

Jesse James Festival Grounds, Kearney MO

Pre-register by 9/12/16 $15 flat fee per rider/horse combo * Day of Show flat fee $25 rider/horse combo

$10 each Jackpot class, payback to 4 places * Ribbons to 4th place * Current negative Coggins required Helmets required for all timed classes * Random prize drawings

1. Showmanship – 14 – 18
2. Showmanship – 13 & under
3. Showmanship – Novice
4. Tandem bareback (W/T) – 14 – 18
5. Tandem bareback (W/T) – 13 & under
6. Tandem bareback (W/T) – Novice
** 10 minute warm-up **
7. Western Pleasure – 14 – 18
8. Western Pleasure – 13 & under 9. Western Pleasure – Novice
10. Western Discipline Rail – 14 – 18
11. Western Discipline Rail – 13 & under
12. Western Discipline Rail – Novice
13. JACKPOT – Western Versatility – all ages (showmanship/rail/barrels)
** 10 minute warm-up **
14. Ribbon Race – 14 – 18
15. Ribbon Race – 13 & under
16. Ribbon Race – Novice
17. Cloverleaf Barrels – 14 – 18
18. Cloverleaf Barrels – 13 & under
19. Cloverleaf Barrels – Novice
20. JACKPOT – Combination Race – all ages
21. Diaper Race – 14 – 18
22. Diaper Race – 13 & under
23. Diaper Race – Novice
24. Egg & Spoon – 14 – 18
25. Egg & Spoon – 13 & under
26. Egg & Spoon – Novice

FUN SHOW Rules and Regulations

AGE: Ages of riders are as of January 1 of current year.

NOVICE: Novice classes are meant for beginning riders of any age not ready to canter/lope and will only be asked to walk and trot. Any rider registered in a Novice class may not be registered for any non-Novice class.

ENTRY FEES: $15 flat fee per youth/horse combo or $3/class before 9/12/16. ($25 flat fee or $4/class after 9/12/16)

JACKPOT classes: $10 entry fee, not included in flat fee Pays to four places – $50-$35-$20-$10

Forms to pre-register available here or call Grace Harriger @ 816-806-4433

12 month Negative Coggins is required for each horse.

ATTIRE: Long sleeve shirt, jeans, boots and hat/helmet required. No show clothing necessary. Jackets/sweatshirts encouraged if weather dictates. All youth exhibitors must wear ASTM-SEI helmets in timed events.

PRIZES: Random prize drawings will be given throughout the evening. Lots of free stuff to be given away!

SAFETY: All exhibitors participate at their own risk and must sign a Waiver of Release upon check-in, day of show. Absolutely no running of horses in or out of the gate in any timed event. In timed events no horse may be shown more than TWICE per class with different riders.

Any complaint, concern or question regarding a show or game class must be directed to show organizers before or immediately after the class is finished. Otherwise the show/game class will stand as announced.

Jesse James Festival Committee, Clay County 4-H and anyone connected with the show are NOT responsible for any loss, accidents, escapes or theft.

For questions please contact Grace Harriger 816-806-4433 or Pam Uehling 816-217-7801.

Class Descriptions

Showmanship – Each exhibitor will lead their haltered horse through provided pattern. Our judge will score each portion of pattern resulting in a composite score. Placings are given by 5 highest scores.

Tandem bareback (W/T) – Each exhibitor will have a partner. Both will be mounted on one bareback horse in tandem; one behind the other. (Partner does not have to be in the same age division but does have to be a participant in the show.) The front exhibitor is responsible presenting their team in one direction of the arena at the announcer’s directive. Once released by the judge, all exhibitors will line up in center of the arena where they will be asked to switched places without dismounting (or falling off). Once completed, the teams will reverse direction and present their team once again at the announcer’s directive. There will be no loping in this class but helmets will be highly encouraged!

Western Discipline Rail – Executed just as a western pleasure class; exhibitor will ride along the rail but will be asked to perform special maneuvers such as.. counter-canter, side-pass, pivot, or backing.

Western Versatility – All exhibitors will start the class together in the arena. Each exhibitor will have an opportunity to maneuver their horse within a showmanship pattern. Once complete, each exhibitor is allowed two helpers to bring in necessary tack for the next phase of the class: rail work. This portion will be executed like a western pleasure class; following the instructions of the announcer. When excused, all participants will line up for any additional tack changes while cloverleaf barrels are setup. Each horse/rider will have one opportunity to run the barrels for a time.

Judge will compile scores from showmanship, rail work, and the run time to place the class.

Ribbon Race – Each exhibitor will have a partner. (Partner does not have to be in the same age division but does have to be a participant in the show.) Each partner will hold the end of a crepe paper streamer, start behind the timer, run their horses around a barrel set up towards the end of the arena and run back across the timer. Dropping or breaking the streamer results in disqualification. The fastest qualified time wins.

Combination Race – Each exhibitor will run their pattern for a time. The pattern will include weaving through poles, around a barrel, grabbing a flag and placing in another barrel, and a small jump. Exhibitor must accurately complete each portion of the pattern to qualify. The fastest qualified time wins. Pattern to be posted prior to event.

Diaper Race – There will be a barrel setup toward the end of the arena with diapers and pins. Each exhibitor will have a parent or friend standing at the barrel, ready. The exhibitor will start behind the timer, run their horse down to the barrel, dismount and hold their horse while their helper diapers the rider. The diaper must have all three points (around waist and between legs) pinned securely. The exhibitor will get back on their horse (assistance is allowed), run around the barrel and run back across the timer. The diaper must pass inspection with the person checking at the in-gate before their time is official. The fastest qualified time wins.

Egg & Spoon – The exhibitor will ride carrying a long handled, plastic spoon with an egg. The rider must keep their hand one inch back from the egg on the spoon. Riders will be asked to walk, trot, and lope both directions and the goal is to not drop the egg. As riders drop their eggs, they will be excused to the center of the arena. Riders may be asked to do a number of things with their egg and spoon until only one rider is left with their egg still on the spoon.

Printable info sheet/Showbill


* Photo Release form must be printed, signed and returned to the address listed for all participants. Download

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